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Cuta-Copter TRIDENT 5000 Waterproof Fishing Drone

  • Cuta-Copter TRIDENT 5000 Waterproof Fishing Drone
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Product Description

Cuta-Copter has over 6 years’ experience building the toughest fishing drones on the planet – you can rest assured your Drone fishing has never been so safe, reliable, and fun.

The TRIDENT 5000 features a massive 4kg payload capacity, a 25-minute flight time, tilt gimbal HD camera and ‘Click to Save’ GPS function. Cuta Copter is the waterproof fishing drone pioneer and invests huge resources and time trying to perfect perfection. Platform reliability and stability is paramount, and this has been achieved by using advanced hardware and software enabling multiple safety features and multiple hardware redundancies such as dual gyroscopes, dual accelerometers, and compasses.

NB: the higher the weight and wind level will reduce battery life and flight times.


* Global Satellite Data Base – Compass calibration is required once, not at every new flight location like other drones.
* Performance Flight Controller and GPS – The TRIDENT features the Pixhawk 4 mini, one of the most advanced flight controllers on the market. The Pixhawk 4 mini features a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® M7, 216 MHz Processor with 2mb flash memory and 512kb RAM. Breaking that down into layman’s terms – It Rocks. The shear speed data is processed results in supreme flight stability, and this is especially noticeable when carrying baits in high winds. In addition to the onboard magnetometer and barometer, it has not one, but two gyroscopes, two accelerometers and two compasses – Feel assured of ultra-reliability as redundancy is built in.
* SkyDroid T10 10ch Radio – This high-quality radio is fitted with sand covers over the gimbals to improve the overall weather resistance. Flush mounted buttons and low-profile toggle switches have been used to prevent damage. The 2 x 18650 lithium batteries provide greater than 20 hours radio time on full charge.
* App control – The Android APP allows special touch to fly options such as ARM and Disarm, Take-off, Waypoint missions, follow-me modes and much more. The APP enables drone parameters to be changed wirelessly – (For advanced users)
* Water Proofing – The main electronics canopy is IP67 waterproof.
* Double flotation– The 3 air chambers provide level 1 flotation. The TRIDENT is also filled with laser cut foam for buoyancy providing level 2 of flotation. The landing feet also provide additional floats.
* Quick Switch – The installed quick switch limits the need to open the battery bay between bait drops. This bridge switch completely stops power draw from the battery.
* Backpack – Cuta Copter comes with a backpack carry case making it easy to carry hands free.
* Reef Spotting Camera – The TRIDENT 5000 is equipped with a tilt gimbal HD 720p camera with digital real time video transmission up to 1000 metres. Camera settings like resolution, brightness, contrast, and saturation can all be adjusted via the APP. Pictures and recordings are saved directly to your mobile or tablet.
* Robust Design – Cuta Copter has always prided itself on building the toughest drones on the market, and the new TRIDENT 5000 takes it a step further with even greater survivability.
* Waterproof Electronic Bait Release – The bait release mechanism is fully waterproof with a payload capacity of 4kg.
* GPS – The New advanced PIXHAWK 4 GPS enables concurrent reception of up to 3 Global Navigation Satellite Systems ‘GNSS’ not just two such as GPS and GLONASS. TRIDENT also communicates with four GNSS satellite platforms being GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDouh – in layman’s terms – It Rocks!
* SkyDroid APP – Video feed, Height, Distance, parameters, Map, calibration, Way point mission planning and much more.

TRIDENT 5000 Propulsion System

* High capacity 6S LiPo Battery
* 40A Electronic Speed Controllers ‘ESC’
* High thrust waterproof motors
* 15” High quality carbon fibre propellers

Advanced Flight Modes

* ALT/Hold mode
* POS/Hold mode (Anti Pendulum Mode)
* Loiter Mode
* Follow me mode
* Return to Land mode
* Come to me mode
* GPS Waypoint mission planning
* Click to Save – GPS position saved

Multiple Safety Features

* APP display and voice. Visual and verbal messages are broadcast to keep the pilot informed about all aspects of the flight. The system will warn you by voice and display battery level and when RTL battery is activated, when a GPS Glitch or Magnetic interference is detected, Flight mode selected etc.
* Self-protect Low Battery– The bait release is automatically deployed on Low battery.
* Self-protect Loss of signal – The bait release is automatically deployed on Loss of signal.
* Self-protect Thrust Loss Detection –The bait release is automatically deployed when thrust loss is detected – such as line snag or bird strike to line.
* Self-protect Loss of GPS signal – Verbal warning and automatic mode change to ALT mode ‘Altitude Hold’ non-GPS mode.
* Loss of Signal – Return to Land ‘RTL’ function is activated for loss of signal.
* Low Battery – Return to Land ‘RTL’ function is activated on low battery threshold.
* Voltage Monitoring feature – The battery voltage is displayed on the App in addition to verbal updates for easy battery level awareness. In addition, the craft will not arm/start motors if it detects the battery is not at a safe level for flight.
* Anti-pendulum feature (POS.HOLD) mode has a more controlled acceleration and de-acceleration to assist in limiting the degree to which a pendulum motion can occur with the bait.
* RTL speed– Return to Land ‘RTL’ speed has been increased to get the drone off the water as soon as possible.
* Landing detection– The new landing detect feature will shut motors off as soon as the drone detects a landing during auto land from RTL.
* Distance and Altitude Geofence –The parameters are set at factory to 500 metres and a height of 40 metres. (Adjustable for advanced users) RTL can also be set for Alt and Distance breach if required via the APP.
* Magnetic interference monitoring – Auto adjustment and verbal warnings.
* BlackBox – Lifetime Flight recording, Data, and statistics



Waterproof Level: IP67 on main electronics chamber
Surface Buoyant: Level 2 Flotation
Drone Weight: 1720g (without battery)
Dimensions: 455mm x 455mm
Max Ascend Speed: 10m/s
Max Descend Speed: 3m/s
Max Flight Speed: 65kph (User Adjustable)
Max Flight Altitude: 40M – Set at factory
Wind Rating Typical Maximum: 40kph (21-22Knots)
Wind Rating Peak Gusts: 50kph(26-27 Knots)
Max Flight Time (per charge): 23 minutes no load (4-5 drops at 250M, 700gm bait)
Max Flight Range: 1.5km – Geofence set to 500M
Max Payload Capacity: 4.0KG (Recommended safe lifting weight 3.5KG)
ESC: 40A
Propellers: 15” carbon fibre propellers
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C
APP: SkyDroid Tower (Android Only)
Motor: Brushless/Waterproof


Concurrent reception of up to 3 Global Navigation Satellite Systems ‘GNSS’
Communication and acquisition of 4 GNSS platforms – GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDouh.

Flight Controller

Type: Pixhawk 4 mini
Processor: 32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M7, 216MHz, 2MB memory, 512KB RAM
Sensors: 2 x Accelerators, 2 x Gyro’s, Magnetometer, Barometer
PMU: PM06 V2

Remote Control

Weight: 660g
Frequency: 2.400-2.483GHz
Range: 1.5km (unobstructed, free of interference) Set at factory to 500M (user adjustable)
Modulation: New FHSS
Working Current: 100mAh
No. of Channels: 10
Battery: 2 X 18650 Lithium batteries (Provided) 20 hours flight time

Video Transmission

Range: 1.5km Max (unobstructed, free of interference)
Working current: 180mA
Gimbal: 1 AXIS
Camera: 720P HD 1280×720
Standard Battery (6S/5000mAh 22.2V LiPo)

Battery Type: LiPo
Battery weight: 651gms
Operating Temp: -10̊ to 50̊C
Charging Current: 5AMP
Voltage: 22.2V


Type: 100W Smart Balance Charger LiPo
Battery Charge Time: 60mins at 30% level

Package includes:

1x Cuta-Copter TRIDENT 5000
1x Carry case backpack
1x Remote Controller
1x Drone Battery
100W Balance Charger including cables
1x 2x 15” Carbon Fibre Propellers set of 2
1x Snapper tension bait release
1x Lanyard
1x Bag of Cables and Mixed Items
1x Quick Switch
1x BX100 Battery checker

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